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  • PRAVDINFORM conferma i fatti di Benghasi accaduti ieri 31.07.2011

Libya troops Younis captured Benghazi The reason why the army rebelled against the rebels Younis – mercenaries began to kill women and children of the tribe Varfalla. The building, which sat on the heads of the rebels, burned, and their boss had fled to Turkey. The troops are fighting in Benghazi, Yunis al-Qaeda, and against Islamic extremists, the airport and the port is already in their hands. Al-Qaeda leaders and mercenaries fled to Dern. After that NATO helicopters arranged slaughter in Benghazi. Today, NATO is pouring rivers of blood in Benghazi, committing more crimes against humanity. There is evidence that received a phone call from a woman living in Benghazi. On the streets of Benghazi and many shots of ambulances. People kill people confirmed with NATO helicopters. Al-Qaeda beheaded 120 people from the tribe Varfalla. To protect his people, the people of Beni Varfally Walid negotiate with Muammar Gaddafi. Gadhafi invited them to go first in the neighborhood of Beni Walid and Misurata, to cleanse them of insurgents, and at night killing civilians, not to Benghazi. However, the people of Beni Walid still went to Benghazi to protect their countrymen, and has already killed hundreds of insurgents. Latest news about Younis: Libyans say he was not a traitor since his last phone conversation with Gaddafi. Therefore, Eunice, and was killed (on orders from the U.S. through the Italian Embassy al-Qaeda mercenaries). Recall the UN Security Council on March 17, based on false media took an aggressive resolution 1973 and introduced the no-fly zone over Libya . To ensure no-fly zone, an arms embargo and the “Civil Protection” coalition of Western countries began March 19 in Libya, a military operation whose leadership a few days completely taken over by NATO. Since that time, NATO coalition proved to be a fascist, colonial coalition colonizers of new Crusades, violating the sovereignty of Libya against the will of the majority. The mandate of the operation was due to expire on June 27, June 1 but extended the NATO operation in 90 days – until the end of September. NATO’s aggression in the open form is permitted by the UN and more than 4 months. During that time, bombing killed more than 1,100 civilians only, but many of the soldiers who are forced to defend Libya against the bandits, al-Qaeda, coalition special forces neocolonialists under fire rockets and bombing. Destroyed by government agencies, universities, businesses, housing, communications, food warehouses, factories, farms. The international community is outraged and promises to punish the organizers and supporters of aggression.

                La Tribu Warfala entra a Benghazi dopo la morte del Generale Yunes e si scontra con i ribelli islamici


                                Russian rock – for Gaddafi! Fight, Col!

Words, music and performance – Max Levin, a Russian rock musician           from Novosibirsk.

Song was born in one night, on June 12, 2011 … Record made at Judge «Totem» in Novosibirsk, and also reduced … in one night.