Day 225: 29. october 2011. Libya news   

*** The more I learn of Gaddafi alleged murder the more absurd it becomes..the more like a fabrication. The only credible thing here is the vandals behavior. 

23h/ The sound of an explosion and shooting in the region of Tripoli
Our response and respect to the noble Tuareg tribes in the south Libya, They told that they will deport anyone who is not loyal to the commander of the martyr! This news confounded the Ministry of Defence in Benghazi. Situacion is stable for now
24h/ News from NTC : Libya (NTC government) now owes one billion dollars!!!!
NATO puppet Mahmoud Jibril: The reconstruction of Libya’s is impossible /  and the Libyans should find income other than oil because it is coming to an end?! ******thieves 
Ali Altarhuni:: Libya now owes one billion dollars
Qarase Libya Mustafa Abdel-Galil: We wish to extend the NATO mission in Libya until the end of the year, “at least” to ensure the security and safety of the Libyans!!!
***They can not protect the people and provide for country’s security and reconstruction of what has worked before, why they incited young people to fire and planted sedition between the sons of the same tribe  and why they destroyed what has been built during the forty years … and why and why and why ? [Ahmad B]

24h/ Algerian police seized more than 2 tones of drugs that was directed to Libyan border  [Rats need their “medicine”]  – >

24h/ A Libyan Transitional National Council official expressed hope on Friday that a new alliance, the Qatar-led Friends of Libya, would replace NATO in helping the Libyan authorities restore order in the country.
A total of 13 countries, including the United States, France and Britain, have joined the new alliance headed by Qatar to support the Libyan NTC after the end of the NATO mission. Its creation was announced on Wednesday, during a meeting of military leadership of the countries involved in the NATO operation in the Qatari capital of Doha.

23h/ Western Companies See Prospects for Business in Libya [no doubt]  – WASHINGTON — The guns in Libya have barely quieted, and NATO’s military assistance to the rebellion that toppled Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi will not end officially until Monday. But a new invasion force is already plotting its own landing on the shores of Tripoli.

Western security, construction and infrastructure companies that see profit-making opportunities receding in Iraq and Afghanistan have turned their sights on Libya, now free of four decades of dictatorship.
Like France and Britain, the United States may benefit from the Libyan authorities’ appreciation of NATO’s critical air support for the revolution.
Though Libya is now pumping less than one-third of its prewar oil production of 1.7 million barrels a day, it has Africa’s largest oil reserves, which eventually should mean a steady sup – >

22h/ “Al Zawija is, according to Italian workers who work at rafinery repair, under control of citizens. We could see their anger to us so we had to come in Tripoli”, said one of them. NATO darling’s rebels couldn’t protect even themselves not to speak about others. Europe is waiting long cold winter” [Иммануил Грак]

22h/’We Were Raped, Robbed by Libyan Rebels’ – 450 Nigerians yesterday arrived Maiduguri, Borno State, with tales of rape, torture and loss of their personal effects to the fighters opposed to the regime of  Col. Muammar Gaddafi.
Another “sudden” article about the crimes of NATO DARLING’S REBELS->

21h/ Planned UN Peacekeeper Occupation of Libya [ Blue Helmet operations]  – Credible reports, in fact, linked Blue Helmet forces with mass rapes and other atrocities.

The same ugly story repeats wherever Blue Helmets show up. ->

21h/ Dr. Shakil _ urged the tribes to protect the homeland ->

19h/ Gaddafi Tribute in London  – >

18h/ MISRATAMisrata Brigade declared it wants President and Prime minister position. but brigade Infighting Continues inside Misrata.

TRIPOLI – Misrata Brigade in Tripoli attacked the Bel haj Brigade near fashloum neighborhood Tripoli

Heavy Fighting at Gargaresh and Gurji today over 50 rebels died near port area. and Green resistance Ambushed checkpoints

Rebel commander of NTC army Banni said “Gaddafi had Large army sign of Dictatorship” later he said “NTC will build largest army in Africa”

Green resistance captured convoy of Rebels Trying to enter libya from Tunisia they had fuel and weapon supplies.

BANI WALID–  Green resistance Continue fighting Misrata Brigades at Wadi Dinar around 40 km outside Bani Walid.

Dernah is Green, but Benghazi is more difficult the rebels recaptured areas but many neighborhoods are pro-green.
The Tribe of Zintan made Anti-NTC and NATO protests
NTC Declared it will not Rebuild Pro-Gaddafi Neighborhoods or Cities and Rebel commanders Call for Killing of all Green-Supporters.
NATO Government is not of the people.

Rebel popularity disappearing Fast in the East of Libya. as NTC rebels fail as Food shortages and Salaries unpaid continue for months.[SonaliaSupport2]

17h/ After the proliferation of rumors of a surrender to the International Criminal Court, in a letter to the agency Seven Days News, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, has denied rumors of his surrender to the ICC . [ALGERIA ISP / Seven Days In News]

Moammar Al Gaddafi in talk with Libyan people

16h/ Libyan War News: October 29, 2011 [Libya Free Press ]

TROPILI– Three explosions in the region El Hani in Tripoli – Three explosions rocked the area Hani El this morning, targeting the rebels, which allows the destruction of several pickups of rebels and wounding and killing several rebels who are transferred to the hospital in Tripoli. (française)

SORMAN News from Sorman  – / Patriots of the Libyan resistance conducted an operation against the rebels. They were shooting with small arms on the rebels who controlled the checkpoint in the region El Sahili. Two rebels lost their life.

Libya will be  formally occupies of France – The Arabic BBC Television, said about secret talks between France and the CNT on two important points:

* To keep French troops on the ground in Libya for security cooperation.

* Manage the Libyan economy through the mediation of France! >

15h/ ZLITEN – Resistence continue… Street’s of Zliten

at 9:31 today . On the streets of Zliten was a resistence sniper’s in accordance with NATO BANDITS . Volunteers also carried out an attack on a rat near the centers of the hospital Zliten and wounding a number of them or any information on the number of dead. Resistance soldiers was able to return safely, thank God. Also nato rats wants to know-Where is Saif?,Well traitors , Saif is everywere…

ZLITEN – 4 Rebel pickup and 20 of Misrata brigade fighters were killed in a Ambush near Zliten

14h/ An honest…NATO-rat: “there is no victory without NATO = That is: we can not win without NATO even a clogged toilet, the people is not with the NCT[ALGERIA ISP / Seven Days In News] – >


Colonel Muammar Qaddafi symbolizes many things to many different people around the world. Love or hate the Libyan leader, under his rule Libya transformed from one of the poorest countries on the face of the planet into the country with the highest standard of living in Africa. In the words of Professor Henri Habibi:

    When Libya was granted its independence by the United Nations on December 24, 1951, it was described as one of the poorest and most backward nations of the world. The population at the time was not more than 1.5 million, was over 90% illiterate, and had no political experience or knowhow. There were no universities, and only a limited number of high schools which had been established seven years before independence. [1]

Qaddafi had many grand plans. He wanted to create a South Atlantic Treaty Organization to protect Africa and Latin America. He advocated for a gold dinar standard as the currency of Muslim countries. Many of his plans were also of a pan-African nature. This included the formation of a United States of Africa. – >

12h/ Atlantic military bases in Libya and arrangements for a meeting with Jewish Transitiona

Ended the French and United States surveys a vast territory in Libya to set up military bases on its territory, including the rules for military planes at a time and continued as Washington, Paris and London, the process of seizing Libyan oil, and make it hostage, in terms of the security elements country guarded by a number of members of the Transitional Council, Libya, The Doha funded NATO intervention in Libya.

And the establishment of military bases and NATO in Libya, comes after the military base that was held in the State of South Sudan, and notes that there are secret contacts and wide between Tripoli and Tel Aviv to open the horizons of cooperation between them and suggested sources for (Al Manar) that Israel aspires to open an embassy in Libya soon .

On the other hand, I learned (Al Manar) The units of the U.S. military will withdraw from Iraq that will travel to Qatar, where…->

11h/ Saif Al Islam –  After the proliferation of rumors and news of a possible surrender himself to the Criminal Court, a lie Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, in a speak with source from  to the agency Seven Days rumors about the possibility of having had to surrender.

***Saif al-Islam: Some people believe that we signed in families, which means that it will hand over to the criminal with the claim that we handed over ourselves, and this analysis is wrong in the sense that the brother Abdullah Sanusi is outside of Libya, with the assumption Quaa in families, how can that be recognizing we Monday and reported the news?

Saif al-Islam said that he could not betray his father, who did not give up or betray Omar Mukhtar, who was repeating: “We do not give up .. win or die.”[by Seven Days on satrday, october 29, 2011 у 1:30pm]

10h/ Biggest success? NATO proud of Libya op which killed thousands – NATO has declared its campaign in Libya one of the “most successful in NATO history.” However, untold casualties and a country devastated by war call into question the alliance’s notion of success. “They’ve had free education, free health, they could study abroad. When they got married they got a certain amount of money. So they were rather the envy of many other citizens of African countries. Now, of course, since NATO’s humanitarian intervention, the infrastructure of their country has been bombed back to the Stone Age,” Machon asserted. “They will not have the same quality of life. Women probably will not have the same degree of emancipation under any new transitional government. The national wealth is probably going to be siphoned off by Western corporations. Perhaps the standard of living in Libya might have been slightly higher than it is now in America and the UK with the recession,” – >

09h/ Libya’s War For The Abaya [Susan Lindauer][For European bankers, it’s a war for Libya’s Gold. For oil corporations, it’s a war for Cheap Crude (now threatening to destroy Libya’s oil infrastructure, just like Iraq). But for Libya’s women, it’s a fierce, knock-down battle over the Abaya— an Islamic style of dress that critics say deprives women of self-expression and identity. – >

08h/ On 31 October NATO ends Operation Unified Protector. In retrospect, that what is now widely perceived as the nearing end of the Libyan War, will most likely be perceived as the calm before the next storm. At 23.59 o´clock on 31 October operation Unified protector ends, to be substituted with an aerial and ground war against the Libyan People and Resistance that can and most likely will be fighting the occupation for years. What is proclaimed as a victory and liberation of Libya is nothing but the re-establishment of the Roman Empires small strip of occupation in Northern Africa. Last night fighting continued in Tripoli, Bani Walid, Zintan, Zawaya and throughout Northern Libya. [Dr. Christof Lehmann]  – >