15h/ The Muslim Brotherhood in Libya?

Yes, of course. Abdul Jalil is from Muslim Brotherhood.

It is Tunisia with the elections had, as a result, a big win of the Muslim Brotherhood. Nahda Party is Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood political movement.

Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq, Saudi they are the next one. The Muslim Brotherhood was born in Egypt, they are very strong there, so it is very natural. Libya – we have the Muslim Brotherhood, Syria – we have the Muslim Brotherhood.

In Italy we had Tunisian-Italian candidate for Al-Nahda

the Muslim Brotherhood to say “we represent Islam”. They usually say this “we represent the true Islam”, their motto in Egypt was “Islam is a solution”.

The Muslim Brotherhood they have plenty of money, they know people, they reach people and of course people vote for them. Turkey –  Erdogan Party is a party linked to the Muslim Brotherhood as well. So, these are all shades, you know, different shades of the original Muslim Brotherhood, but their final aim, their final objective is the same – it is the unified Islamic nation. 

14h/ LIBYA,TRIPOLI –  Despite repeated announcements, the government has not begun to collect weapons. In Tripoli, pickup trucks with anti-aircraft guns and other heavy weapons mounted in the back are a common sight. Three NTC bandits used their vehicle recently to pick up pizza from a fast-food restaurant.

Rival military commanders jockeying for positions seem reluctant to be the first to disarm.

 Mukhtar al-Akhdar, a commander of gang who captured Tripoli’s airport during the war and now controls it, said it’s not yet time to hand over weapons because the city remains insecure. Al-Akhdar, who commands of gang several hundred bandits from the mountain town of Zintan, is one of several gangg chiefs who have carved out areas of control in the capital.

Pike said disarming Libyans will take time. “In times of insecurity, who would want to be the first person to hand over their weapons?” he said.

AJE asked  BelhajWhat about all Foreigners with Weapons and without registration how will things work” Belhaj answer ” We need them

Belhaj said too: “The Zintan brigades have to leave all the areas they captured from us.. leave the things they captured as well”.

13h/ LIBYA, TRIPOLI – Human Rights Watch researchers found an unguarded weapons site with thousands of crates of rocket-propelled grenades and anti-aircraft rounds in the Libyan desert.

Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, Libya’s interim leader, asked the international community Wednesday to release more of the Gaddafi’s regime’s billions of dollars in frozen assets to use in programs to disarm fighters and control weapons.

Abdel-Hafiz Ghoga, a member of Libya’s National Transitional Council, said Libya is seeking help from friendly countries, including Qatar, one of the earliest supporters of the anti-Gaddafi uprising, to secure the borders.

NATO puppet aka The UN chief Ban Ki-moon visited Libya on Wednesday to personally deliver his concern about the unsecured weapons

Nato  big boss  Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that while individual Nato members might be willing to help.

The United States has previously sent weapons experts [mercenaries] to Libya and has contributed about $40m toward destroying surface-to-air missiles, which can be used to shoot down planes.

12h/ LIBYA, UN, TRIPOLI  – NATO puppet aka UN chief Ban Ki-moon said on Wednesday the United Nations would stand by Libya’s side on its path to democracy. “The United Nations will be your partner in turning those hopes to reality,””And we recognised the centrality of human rights and the rule of law,” NATO puppet aka the secretary general said. – > http://www.news24.com/Africa/News/Ban-UN-stands-by-new-Libya-20111102

11h/ RUSSIA – Partnership with Russia should bring cash to LibyaGazprom Neft has become the second Russian company which has returned to Libya in the past two weeks. Gazprom, which cooperates with Germany`s oil and gas giant Wintershall, was the first to come back.

Russia`s presidential envoy to Africa Mikhail Margelov stressed the importance of resuming cooperation on the projects related to the development of the infrastructure, primarily those initiated by the Russian Railways state-owned company. The issue will be on the agenda of Mr. Margelov`s meeting with the new Libyan Prime Minister scheduled for the middle of this month. – > http://english.ruvr.ru/2011/11/02/59779746.html

Libya news: 2. November  2011. 

24h/ Libya Report Tripoli : People furious at Murder Martyr Gaddafi went and Killed 300 Misrata rebel and Rebel hospital and Military camp destroyed

– In some places rebels fought one another. In Zanzour civilians fought against rebels.

– At the harbour there were fights between NATO soldiers and rebels

– During the last 2 nights there were heavy fights in several places.Not as before in 2 to 6 places,but heavy fights in several places

– In most places with Green supporters the net was turned on. Today rebels are trying to rear as many checkpoints as possible.

– Thousands Rebels of Zintani Brigades and Bel haj Brigade were clashing at North of Tripoli Over the Appointment of New PM

Zintan Brigade is now Having Problems as it is Supporting itself it is losing Favor with NATO masters.

Zawiya:  Last night in Zawya a big explosion was heard near the harbour (near refinery) at midnight.

Zawiya after the explosion Afterwards, there were fights until 4 a.m. Grenades and missiles were fired.

Misrata : Misrata brigades declared they would kill Abd jalil For not informing them over the secret Vote forced by NATO rasmussen

Nobody supports American PM of NTC… he was Placed the same day “rasmussen of NATO” made special Visit advised them on it

Bani Walid : many Rebels retreated at Outskirts of BW after overnight fighting at Desert. Green resistance Captured Weapons supplies.

–  Many Libyans from South have arrived in Bani Walid to support them against NTC agression. the Green volunteers entered Few days ago

23h/ Cities in the South which are now fully liberated are Ubari and Murzuq! Rats are now searcing the homes of residents in the city of Mizdah fearing the arrival of heroes to the city, which are preparing for a day of victory and the full liberation, God willing,full liberation of the south is just the begining for our heroes, waiting to liberate Tripoli, God willing, God is great.

  • Libye – Une forte explosion à l’aéroport international de Tripoli

(3 novembre 2011)

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Libye – Une forte explosion à l'aéroport international de Tripoli (3 novembre 2011)

ALGERIA ISP /Selon Zengtena, les combattants de la résistance libyenne du bataillon Raed ont attaqué les rebelles à l’aéroport international de Tripoli avec des mortiers.

L’aéroport est toujours en feu, les rebelles ont bloqué l’accès au périmètre de l’aéroport. Plusieurs ambulances sont dépêchées vers les lieux.
La stratégie que Saif El Islam a annoncée dans son dernier message est de cibler toutes les infrastructures du CNT « les aéroports et les plateformes pétrolières ».