• Libya news: 05 November  2011
18h/ NATO & Al-Qaeda War Crimes In Libya. This page is dedicated to exposing the war crimes being committed in Libya by NATO and the NATO backed “rebels” otherwise known as Al-Qaeda.  The pictures, videos, and info are all coming from inside Libya, from refuges, civilians and independent (non-government) aid organizations.  The only goal is to get the truth out about the people we as a country are backing and the real results of NATO’s continued bombing raids on the densely populated cities inside of Libya.
-> http://www.federaljack.com/?page_id=37933
17h/ My colleague, a member of the Gadhafi tribe from Sirte explained “More than 800 organizers have arrived from Libya just to Niger and more come every day”. An officer in uniform added, “It is not like your western media presents the situation, of desperate Gadhafi loyalists frantically handing out bundles of cash and gold bars to buy their safety from the NATO death squads now swarming around the northern areas of our motherland. Our brothers have controlled the borderless routes in this region for thousands of years and they know how not to be detected even by NATO satellites and drones.” Libya’s new Liberation Front organizing in the Sahel [By Franklin Lamb]

16h/ Sabha – The arrival of the first batch of shipments of chemical weapons safely to the Libyan Tuareg in the south, and states that these weapons has Mujahid of Sabha seized by agents of NATO and was hidden on a farm in the city.

Chemical weapons were hidden in a farm. The rebels took weapons.
Now, the Mujahid Sabha seized the chemical weapons from the rebels.
15h/ TRIPOLI: Today, at 3 o’clock in the morning, fighters of the cell “El Mzar” freed loyalist prisoners from the military camp at Umm El Koroune El Aziziyah.
This was in collaboration with the cell “Soukour Tadmait”, who handled the cover to prevent support of rebels from the outside. Finally the cell Soukour Tadmait attacked the checkpoint at the village of Saleh and killed 5 rebels and burned two rebels in their pick-up.
Clashes in Tripoli’s Green Square, clashes between the rebels gangs with heavy weapons. Stray bullets killed a 13 year old child and injured another person.
13h/ Tripoli – The release of the former bodyguard of Kadhafi  – Last night, on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, many prisoners were released from the prison in Tripoli. One of the prisoners, Mr. Eshteiwi Ahari, is the bodyguard of the Libyan leader. An official source from the prison declared that surveys made on Mr. Ahari have confirmed he was not involved in cases against the rebels.[Libyan Free Press]
12h/ Tripoli Residents of Tripoli are preparing to organize mass demonstrations to oust Alzentan of the city.
In Zawya al Dahamany (its 1km from green square) some rebels are fighting against each other again.
11h/ NTC man Fathi Raiab:Companies which played a major role in #Libya war, should play a major role now when oil deals are shared” KILL-4-OIL
10h/  Libya – Tajoura fell to the pro-Gaddafi – The collapse of the device Gaddafi is imminent, they said. No, he outdid they collapsed. But the surprise came yesterday Tajoura after Friday prayers. According to the testimony of several people of Tripoli, as Tajoura is located 14 km but is part of the district of Tripoli, violent clashes took place in the city, near the Mosque of Murad Agha.
No media dare talk about it. The NATO planes to bomb no longer there, these brigades want to head for Tripoli. We will know a little more in the day. Apparently, therefore, the starting signal of the reconquest was, I think he was given by Seif al-Islam.[Alain Jules]
-> http://allainjules.com/2011/11/05/libye-tajoura-tombe-aux-mains-des-pro-kadhafi/
05h/ NATO and genocide i Tawergha
NATO air support for the assault on Tawergha
The NATO bombing in support of the attack is recorded in the NATO press releases from the time:
The actual assault was from 10-13 August so we can see NATO played an important role in the ethnic cleansing of this town, an ethnic cleansing of which they had been forewarned and in which they decided, nonetheless, to participate.
Reports indicate the rebels were ordered by NATO to paint their vehicles red and yellow just prior to the assault.
– > http://humanrightsinvestigations.org/2011/09/26/libya-ethnic-cleansing-tawargha-genocide/
04h/  According Nessbook – Libyan sources, multiple sites or Facebook pages of loyalists to Libya and loyal to the Green Guide Maoummar Gaddafi in Libya, have been blocked.


  • Mapa actual de la situación en Libia

noviembre 5, 2011


Mapa que presenta supuestamente la situación sobre el terreno en la Libia ocupada por la OTAN. La franja rosa en el norte significa el control de las fuerzas reaccionarias de Al Qaeda, fracciones de “CNT” y fuerzas especiales de la OTAN. La franja amarilla es un territorio en disputa entre las fuerzas patriotas y las ratas. La franja rosa es la zona de control de las tribus del desierto tuaregs y tubu partidarias de la Yamahiriya donde se concentran y organizan fuerzas de la resistencia. Las bolsas con rayas verdes en la franja rosa se refieren a la resistencia de fuerzas combatientes patriotas, divididas en pequeños grupos que hacen frente al imperialismo. Las pequeñas banderitas en el norte hacen referencia a fracciones de ratas.


  • Libye – Des affrontements à la place verte de Tripoli (5 novembre 2011)
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ALGERIA ISP – Selon Zengtena, de violents affrontements entre les rebelles avec des armes lourdes. Des balles perdues ont tués un enfant de 13 ans et blessé une autre personne.


  • Libye – Urgent Tripoli Affrontements au quartier Al Andalous entre les rebelles de Zenten et de Tripoli (5 novembre 2011)
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ALGERIA ISP – Selon Zengtena, à Tripoli, de violents affrontements entre les rebelles de Tripoli et ceux de Zenten dans la zone touristique.

Des affrontements dans le quartier El Andalous entre les rebelles de Tripoli et Zenten. Plusieurs voitures des citoyens de Tripoli sont brulés suite aux échanges de feux avec des armes lourdes.